Report Illegal Abortions Says Operation Rescue

After a jury found Kermit Gosnell guilty of first-degree murder in the deaths of three babies and involuntary manslaughter in the death of a woman seeking an abortion, he waived his right to an appeal in order to avoid the death penalty. He now will spend the rest of his life in prison.

That might have been the end of the sensational story of the gruesome activities of abortionists who perform so-called late-term abortions. After all, according to the propagandistic documentary After Tiller, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, with the death of George Tiller, there are now “only four abortionists in America who perform late-term abortions.

But, as Jill Stanek wrote at (5/17/13) “there are way more than four,” and we’re now learning of one in Texas who murdered born-alive babies in ways that are even more brutal than Gosnell’s. Stanek says, “Three former employees of late-term abortionist Douglas Karpen of Houston, Texas, have come forward, with photographic and video evidence that he murdered born babies in heinous ways and also committed abortions far beyond the legal limit.”

The three women took action to report the illegal abortions after receiving a postcard from Operation Rescue, which has sent cards to every abortion center in the country with a picture of a baby whose neck had been snipped juxtaposed with a picture of Kermit Gosnell. The bottom of the card reads, “Don’t go to jail for something your employer is doing or told you to do.”  It also gives contact information for Operation Rescue and offers a $25,000 reward for information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of an abortionist who is breaking the law.

The three women who reported the activities of Douglas Karpen are now connected with attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom, who helped them contact authorities in Texas.

We can pray that more workers at abortion facilities, most of whom are women, will contact those in the pro-life community who can put them in contact with lawyers and police authorities, and who will also help them find forgiveness and healing for their roles abortions by introducing them to the One who is the Help of the helpless and the Hope of the hopeless. As Matthew 12:20 says, Jesus will never break a bruised reed or quench a smoking flax. He has promised, “the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out” (John 6:37).

Silence of Media Threatens Women and Children

If you do not receive pro-life news updates via e-mail, or search for information on pro-life or pro-family websites, you may not be aware of the ongoing murder trial of abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He is charged with eight counts of murder – the death of a 41 year old woman who died during an abortion at his clinic, and the death of seven babies who survived abortion, born alive and then killed by severing their spinal cords with scissors. Continue reading

Speak Out For Those Who Have No Voice

Before the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land, Moses gave them an “object lesson” to remind them of God’s commands once they entered Canaan, a land filled with idolatry. He charged half of the tribes to stand on Mount Gerizim and the other six to stand on Mount Ebal.

Mount Gerizim represented God’s blessings; Mount Ebal represented the curses that would come upon those who disobeyed God’s commands. Continue reading