Has Planned Parenthood Fooled You?

If you are a female in college, be warned that you are a target for Planned Parenthood’s marketing schemes, and they are not honest.

Of course, this abortion industry giant has laid the foundation for their trickery long before you arrived on campus.  In fact, they began to woo you back in middle school.

Remember the nice lady from Planned Parenthood who volunteered to speak to your health class, or perhaps your gym class?   You may have been surprised to hear that she just assumed you were, or would be, sexually active before marriage.  She told you that waiting until marriage is impossible, and though your parents may not understand your hormones, you could trust Planned Parenthood to listen and to offer the help you need to enjoy safe sex. Continue reading

Forced Abortion in America

Does forced abortion occur in America?  Yes

There are three common types of forced abortion in America.

  1. Parent-Minor;
  2. Father forcing the mother of his child;
  3. Prostitution/Human Trafficking.

The Justice Foundation’s Center Against Forced Abortion (CAFA) deals most commonly with adult parents forcing a minor daughter to have an abortion.  This problem happens thousands and thousands of times in America every year. Continue reading

What You’re Really Saying Is…

When people say they are for “abortion rights” we should clarify what they are saying.  “What you’re really saying is you mean you are for the ‘right’ to abort babies.”

We may not be able to show them the horrifying pictures of what an aborted baby looks like, but at least we can make clear what they are really talking about. When they use the word “abortion” they are not talking about an action that one can simply “choose” to do without any consequences. Continue reading

How to talk to a post-abortive woman

This past weekend I had opportunity to speak to a couple of hundred college students in a workshop at the National Students for Life Conference near Washington D.C. I was the one inspired, as I witnessed the passion of this generation of pro-lifers, for protecting the unborn, and for helping those harmed by abortion. The workshop was about speaking courageously to women in crisis. My topic was “How to talk to a Post-abortive Woman”. Perhaps you, too, have desired to reach out to these women, or to men affected by abortion, but did not know what to say. Continue reading

The Beautiful Picture of Life

The beautiful Picture of Life

I have been personally involved in the battle to protect life for over 25 years. Part of my journey includes six years living and working in, or near, our Nation’s Capitol.  For three years as I crossed the 14 th Street Bridge on my daily, morning commute into Washington D. C., I was presented the hard, cold reality of abortion.  My heart would begin racing faster and faster as I got closer to a full-color, larger than life picture of an aborted baby. Continue reading