Open Adoption Option

This week I will have the privilege to once again visit the Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach (APO) center in College Station, Texas.   The Executive Director, Kim Schams, is an individual whom I admire deeply for her daily, life-affirming work.

Kim and her team strive to see that children born from unplanned pregnancies, all across Texas are raised in nurturing families who are ready and prepared for them.  In addition to full adoption services, the APO team comes alongside teen moms who choose to parent, to help prepare them to be the best moms they can be. Continue reading

Oh No! I’m Pregnant! What Do I Do?

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy what do you do? Your body is telling you that something has changed. Within a few weeks you start to notice your breasts are tender and may even be swelling a little. You feel a kind of “fullness” in your body. Perhaps you’re feeling nausea in the morning, and need more sleep, and certain foods or smells make your stomach queasy. Continue reading

Vision Award Recipient Sees Beyond

Vision Award

Congratulations to my friend Gail McWilliams, the 2013 recipient of the Bott Network “Vision Award”!  Gail has been airing radio commentaries titled, “Seeing Beyond with Gail McWilliams”, for only five months now, but has gained placement on 147 stations in 19 states. This is quite an achievement in such a short period of time, but not if you know Gail. You see, Gail has become accustomed to achieving the “impossible” with God. Continue reading