Open Adoption Option

This week I will have the privilege to once again visit the Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach (APO) center in College Station, Texas.   The Executive Director, Kim Schams, is an individual whom I admire deeply for her daily, life-affirming work.

Kim and her team strive to see that children born from unplanned pregnancies, all across Texas are raised in nurturing families who are ready and prepared for them.  In addition to full adoption services, the APO team comes alongside teen moms who choose to parent, to help prepare them to be the best moms they can be. Continue reading

Has Planned Parenthood Fooled You?

If you are a female in college, be warned that you are a target for Planned Parenthood’s marketing schemes, and they are not honest.

Of course, this abortion industry giant has laid the foundation for their trickery long before you arrived on campus.  In fact, they began to woo you back in middle school.

Remember the nice lady from Planned Parenthood who volunteered to speak to your health class, or perhaps your gym class?   You may have been surprised to hear that she just assumed you were, or would be, sexually active before marriage.  She told you that waiting until marriage is impossible, and though your parents may not understand your hormones, you could trust Planned Parenthood to listen and to offer the help you need to enjoy safe sex. Continue reading

Fetal Pain Laws Are Now in Place in Eleven States

North Dakota is the most recent state to ban abortions after 20 weeks. Research on fetal pain now shows that at 20 weeks of gestation, the baby’s pain receptors are fully developed. In fact, at this stage of development, each side of the brain has a billion nerve cells.

In signing the bill, Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple stated, “Although the likelihood of this measure surviving a court challenge remains in question, this bill is nevertheless a legitimate attempt by a state legislature to discover the boundaries of Roe v. Wade.” Continue reading

Speak Out For Those Who Have No Voice

Before the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land, Moses gave them an “object lesson” to remind them of God’s commands once they entered Canaan, a land filled with idolatry. He charged half of the tribes to stand on Mount Gerizim and the other six to stand on Mount Ebal.

Mount Gerizim represented God’s blessings; Mount Ebal represented the curses that would come upon those who disobeyed God’s commands. Continue reading

Remember SLED when Defending Life

Defending Life

Most arguments against defending the unborn are centered around four issues:

  • Size of the baby
  • Level of development
  • Environment – or location of the child
  • Degree of dependency

These can easily be remembered by the acronym S.L.E.D.   My friend Scott Klusendorf, with the Life Training Institute, has used this easy acronym to help pro-lifers, like myself, be prepared to respond to pro-abortion arguments with logical truth. Continue reading