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Sharing your personal journey of an unplanned pregnancy and your decision to choose life for your child is a beautiful praise to God's grace, and can serve as an encouragement to other women making a decision about their own unplanned pregnancy.

Sharing testimony of your abortion experience can also help a young woman with an unplanned pregnancy to consider the impact of an abortion choice. God's healing and restoration are always available to those who repent and seek God's forgiveness for their abortion. Stories of his healing mercy and grace give evidence of the amazing God we serve! We encourage you to share your stories through our blog. Carmen Pate will be interacting with those who share, and so she shares her story with you:

Oh No! I’m Pregnant! What Do I Do?

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy what do you do? Your body is telling you that something has changed. Within a few weeks you start to notice your breasts are tender and may even be swelling a little. You feel a kind of “fullness” in your body. Perhaps you’re feeling nausea in the morning, and need more sleep, and certain foods or smells make your stomach queasy. Continue reading

Vision Award Recipient Sees Beyond

Vision Award

Congratulations to my friend Gail McWilliams, the 2013 recipient of the Bott Network “Vision Award”!  Gail has been airing radio commentaries titled, “Seeing Beyond with Gail McWilliams”, for only five months now, but has gained placement on 147 stations in 19 states. This is quite an achievement in such a short period of time, but not if you know Gail. You see, Gail has become accustomed to achieving the “impossible” with God. Continue reading

Hope After Abortion


Dr. Karen GushtaForty years ago I faced a choice. As a 22-year-old Christian college student I had gotten pregnant. Although Roe v. Wade had just been decided, I was living in Canada at the time and abortion was already easily available through their socialized medicine.

One night at a student party, I got drunk, and when a visiting student, whom I barely knew, suggested we go to one of the bedrooms I assented. But in my drunken state I was not prepared for what followed. Continue reading

Abortion Testimony Of Carmen Pate


Carmen Pate I was a single mom of two young sons when I learned I was pregnant. I held an executive position in a major corporation, and I felt certain my career would be in jeopardy if others ever found out. I had never considered whether or not I was “pro-choice.” But at this moment, I knew I would consider the option to abort.

I adored my two sons and loved being “mom.” But I did not even consider that if I aborted, I was taking the life of perhaps another son, or maybe a daughter. Continue reading