Getting Help

The issue of abortion can be very polarizing, and you may feel alone in your own belief about abortion or in your desire to see an end to abortion.  You are not alone!  The resource numbers and links provided here are meant to help you on your journey in finding help for an unplanned pregnancy, abortion recovery, ways to get involved in the pro-life movement and more.

Be encouraged.  God has built an army of folks like you who want to be used to restore the value of life.


To find help or to refer others for help with an unplanned pregnancy:

To get help with an adoption plan:

To find help in recovery from abortion:

To find help in recovery from abortion:

To insure your voice is heard regarding the impact of abortion:

To join others in praying for an end to abortion:

To join those working to expose and to defund the abortion industry:

To find resources to help teach truth regarding healthy sexuality: